My Story



Born in Columbus, Ohio, I grew up playing all sorts of sports. I played baseball through high school, where I finally realized not every player is destined to play in the major leagues. Instead, I went on to study journalism and sports management.

As an undergraduate student, I gained weight…a lot of weight. Walking around a small college town everyday may have burned off some calories, but they were no match for the bars and burrito shops that I encountered along the strolls.

After graduating, I stepped on a scale and saw the dreaded 300’s. In the midst of the first year of graduate school, I decided to do something about it…cue the cheesy Biggest Loser montage. Through daily workouts, eating healthier-ish, and learning how to line dance, I dropped over 100 pounds in one year.

After dropping the weight and moving to North Carolina, it was time for a new fitness challenge. Without prior experience or training, I began running…far. I successfully completed a 50K race (31.0 miles) in the fall of 2014, my first ever race of any distance, and have since completed ten additional marathon or 50km races.

My youth baseball coach instilled the idea of “Attitude and Effort” as a motto for getting the most out of each player on the field. The focus revolves on concentrating on the things you can control in life (i.e. attitude and effort) instead of dwelling on the uncontrollable aspects that seem to overwhelm us far too often. 

I am not very fast. I am not an exceptionally talented runner. I am not thin, fit, or lean. I’m a fat guy who runs because I can. I can overcome challenges and achieve anything as long as I maintain a positive attitude and work hard every day. 

Guess what…so can you!

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