Black Creek Greenway

Lake Crabtree at the north end of the Black Creek Trail

The Basics

Location – Black Creek Greenway, Reedy Creek Trailhead, 2001 Old Reedy Creek Rd.., Cary, NC 27513
Length – 7.3 miles
Surface – Paved Greenway
Elevation Gain – 345 ft.
Max Elevation – 473 ft.

The Black Creek Trail is part of the Cary Greenway System. It starts at the Reedy Creek Trailhead just south of Umstead Park on the north end and covers 7.3 miles through Cary to the Fred G. Bond Metro Park. The trail is primarily on greenway paths with the exception of a few sidewalk excursions along Dynasty Dr. and Maynard Rd. There are a number of road crossings that may jog right or left, but they are relatively well marked.

Bridge along Maynard Rd. on Black Creek Greenway

Difficulty (2/5)

The route is relatively flat as it meanders along Lake Crabtree and Black Creek for the northern section It weaves through various small Cary parks and a few extended sidewalk jaunts on the south end, finishing along the shores of Bond Lake. There are a handful of short hills throughout the path, but none present a daunting challenge. The greenway and sidewalks are all smooth, very runnable, and wide.

Elevation profile of Black Creek Greenway from North to South

Scenery (3/5)

This trail includes a variety of different sights including long stretches of creekside running and some great views of both Lake Crabtree and Bond Lake. In between, there are some stretches of suburban neighborhoods and major Cary road sidewalks along Maynard Rd. The path often runs along private housing areas, so you may find some unique trail sightings, such as a turkey hanging high in the air around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving turkey hanging high on Black Creek Greenway

Amenities (5/5)

A number of Cary park facilities are located along the route. The Reedy Creek Trailhead and Fred G. Bond Metro Park both have bathrooms and water fountains to bookend the trail. Goldbold Park in the middle section also has parking available and bathrooms/water fountains on site. Want a pit stop along the run? The Maynard Rd. sidewalk sections have a variety of restaurants and stores. Check out Big Mike’s BBQ for some eats and drinks after (or during) the run!

Godbold Park on the Black Creek Greenway

Cary Greenway System
Black Creek Greenway Map

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