Pre-Race Report: Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon


Here is the Pre Race Report for the 2018 Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon tomorrow morning!

General Information:
Race Date: Sunday, April 8th
Race Name: Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon
Race Start: Fayetteville St. (City Plaza)
Race Finish: Red Hat Amphitheater
Race Distance: 13.1 Miles
Start Time: 7:00am
Weather Report: 35 degrees 0% chance of rain
Surface: Paved Roads

Race Plan:
Food Intake: Pre-Race oatmeal, 1 granola bars, Gatorade energy chews 6-pack
Hydration: Water Bottle (Refill as needed)
Equipment: Under Armour Shoes, plastic water bottle, iphone, armband, headphones
Goal Time: 1:55
Goal Split Pace: 8:47/mile
Split Strategy: This race is being used as a weekly long run. Plan is to run a comfortable and manageable pace.
Crew: n/a

Other pertinent questions:

What makes this race special?
This will be my first half marathon race. I am excited to have the chance to run throughout the streets of downtown Raleigh, including many that are not on the City of Oaks marathon course. It will be a good experience for my future race scheduling based on how much I enjoy the half distance.

What are you goals for the race?
This race will be used a weekly long training run. I plan to fun a comfortable pace throughout without any pain. I am recovering from an intense calf tweak caused by an even more intense game of wallyball this week. Apparently, fat guys should stick to running. Jumping is clearly not in my dwindling bag of skills anymore.

What will you be listening to as you run?
As a Rock N’ Roll event, there will be bands and music playing throughout the course. In addition, during the gaps I plan to get through one episode of the Pardon My Take podcast followed by either some NPR or fantasy football podcasts.

How will you cope with the cold weather?
Probably pretty terribly. If this was a crewed race or there was an easy way to leave clothing at the start line, I would likely wear sweatshirts/sweatpants over my race gear to the start line and then shed into my t-shirt and shorts. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and the choice is either to wear too much and be uncomfortable on the course, or wear too little and freeze your ass off at the start line. I’m still struggling with this precious dilemma.

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