2018 Running Goals


A new year, the same fat guy…but with way better goals.

As millions of new “runners” enter the sport in January through resolution season (and most exit the sport by MLK Day), the start of a new year is the perfect time to discuss goals for 2018.

Running, after all, is a goal-oriented activity for most people. Faster times, longer runs, new races, etc. Some people have the enviable ability to create internal motivation to get their butts moving. Me? I need a goal…a challenge…an obstacle.

Here are my challenges for 2018.

2018 Goals 

#1 – Run 1500 miles.
I have never been able to keep full track of my mileage throughout an entire year. This go-around I will be logging each workout on a spreadsheet. This 1500-mile goal equates to just under 30 miles per week and just over four miles-per-day.

#2 – Run a 50-mile or longer race.
So far in my anti-illustrious running career, I have maxed out at the 50K distance (31 miles). I want to extend that distance this year to the 50-mile or longer distance. This goal could be accomplished through completing a standard 50-mile race or covering that distance in a 12-hour timed race.

#3 – Run a personal best marathon time under 3:30.
My personal best currently stands at 3:44. To complete my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I will have to cut that time down to 3:05 just to meet the minimum qualifying standards. This year, I want to cut into my time by at least 15 minutes. This will take a lot of speed work and tempo training to be comfortable at the needed 8:00-mile pace. I may also look at running a flatter marathon course than normal to see how my time would improve on easier terrain.

#4 – Run at least two non-traditional event races.
What is a non-traditional event? Well…it’s really whatever the hell I want it to be. Races are great. They have aid stations, social events, lots of other people running, post-race celebrations, timing, etc. But the marked courses only provide so many options. What if I wanted to run from a certain brewery to another brewery? From Raleigh to Durham to Chapel Hill? How about from my home to the ocean? There are so many running opportunities out there. This year, my goal is to design and complete two such events.

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