Pre-Race Report: City of Oaks Marathon

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Less than one week away from my next race. Here is the Pre Race Report for the 2017 City of Oaks Marathon.

General Information:
Race Date: Sunday, November 5th
Race Name: City of Oaks Marathon
Race Start/Finish: NC State University Bell Tower (Raleigh, NC)
Race Distance: 26.2 Miles
Start Time: 7:00am
Weather Report: 55-65 degrees 20% chance of rain
Surface: Paved Roads

Race Plan:
Food Intake: Pre-Race bacon/eggs, 3 granola bars, Gatorade energy chews 6-pack, and likely some snacks off the aid station tables
Hydration: Water Bottle (Refill as needed)
Equipment: Under Armour Shoes, plastic water bottle, iphone, armband, headphones
Goal Time: 3 hours, 40 minutes
Goal Split Pace: 8:24/mile
Split Strategy: Begin at 8:00 mile pace for as long as possible…there are two main hills at miles 19-ish and 23-ish that I need to bank some time in advance.
Crew: n/a

Other pertinent questions:

What makes this race special?
This will by my fourth City of Oaks Marathon in a row. This is my hometown race and serves as a great measuring stick for my improvement in running. The race winds through downtown Raleigh and then travels on the greenway through the second half before looping back to NC State’s campus.

What are you goals for the race?
This race will be a measuring stick for my current fitness level compared to last year’s race. I am still far from my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That 3:05 marathon time is a lofty future goal. I am hoping to cut 10-15 minutes off my personal record of 3:57. A 3:45 finishing time would be a great result.

What will you be listening to as you run?
This is week 9 in the NFL season and a pivotal week for my fantasy teams. I will binge on fantasy football podcasts and maybe an hour or so of music if I need some pick-me-up country jams.

What is your favorite part of the course?
Running up and down the empty downtown streets at the beginning of the race is the highlight. I run these streets pretty regularly, but have to stop for crosswalks and deal with traffic and crazy bikers. On Sunday morning, the streets are all mine…along with hundreds of other runners that is.

Training Recap (10/23-10/29)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 22 miles
Long Run – 8 miles

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