Post 24: The End is Near


Today brings me closer to a pair of conflicting dates.

As of writing this blog on Monday, I sit at day 28 of Whole30 and 13 days until the City of Oaks Marathon.

Let’s start with the bigger feat…obviously the diet. (By the way, look out for #fatfeats being used soon on the social medias…my version of trying to make fetch happen.)

I’ll be honest…I cheated. I didn’t fall off the wagon. I didn’t succumb to cravings or birthday cupcakes. I just went to the North Carolina state fair.

How can you go to the fair and not eat? It’s like a fat guy theme park…chicken & waffle kabobs, funnel cakes, jumbo turkey legs, buffalo bacon macaroni & cheese bites, oh…and every fried food you can imagine. Fried twinkies, deep fried bacon, fried candy bars, fried fruit…ok, maybe not that last one, but I’m sure they’ve tried.

My girlfriend, who is also on day 28 of Whole30, and I agreed that if we were going to attend the fair, we were going to experience the fair food. But I am fairly proud of our restraint. Chicken & waffle kabobs and chili cheese fries were the only indulgences…though there might have been two orders of the kabobs.

Other than that meal, Wednesday will mark 30 days of not eating added sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, and anything else delicious in life. I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits during this month. Here are a few of those life lessons.

Fat Guys Running Marathons Top 5 Things Learned on Whole30

#1 Water may be vitally important, but it’s also pretty damn boring

#2 I’ve never met a potato I didn’t want to eat

#3 Bread and/or other grains are not absolutely necessary as vessels for the rest of a meal

#4 Fat guys may enjoy junk food more, but it’s also a lot cheaper than eating “healthy”

#5 I have proven to myself that my body will indeed survive without it’s weekly Chipotle burrito…though I’m not sure if it’s necessarily happier without it

Oh yeah…for the running part.

This week was the true test of the Whole30 effect on my training…I was surprisingly impressed.

After rehabbing my knee for a week and taking a tentative long run last weekend, I was able to manage a full training week this go-around with three mid-week runs and a 22-mile long run on Sunday.

My mid-week runs were very strong, running an easy 8:00-mile pace over 5-6 miles (above average for me). My energy levels were high, aerobic capacity was strong, and experienced no acid reflux at all. I guess you could say I felt “fresh.”

I was probably more nervous about the long run. Would my body have enough fuel without eating grains? Would I ache more or less? How would the knee hold up?

It felt as good as a 22-mile run can.

For being behind in training mileage due to the knee smashing, I was able to run without knee pain, leg aches, or any stomach issues. I dipped in performance toward the end, but it was 22 miles after all. I will likely look into additional in-race food options to provide some more energy throughout the run instead of relying on walnuts and almonds.

Overall, there was a definite difference in performance based on this Whole30 thingy. Will it be enough of a benefit to transition to this diet full time? Umm….hell no. I like brownies and buffalo chicken dip far too much. That being said, I will definitely look to incorporate some aspects of it into my normal routine. That could be refraining from breads/grains as much as possible, continuing the ban on soda, and continuing my protein-laden breakfasts.

Training Recap (10/16-10/22)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 38 miles
Long Run – 22 miles

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