Post 23: Recovery


Knees…what would we do without them.

It’s crazy how much a simple knee smashing can affect a fat guy trying to train for a marathon.

That race, the City of Oaks Marathon, is now just 19 days away…but who’s counting?

Unfortunately, the recent knee injury has me behind schedule in my training. The injury happened 10 days ago and kept me sidelined from running for 8 days. I missed one long run and did a modified long run this Sunday to test out the stability and durability of the knee. Thankfully, I was able to run fully and the knee loosened up during the miles.

A major benefit of this Whole30 plan…of which I have miraculously surpassed the 22 day mark without biting off my arm…was to see how this new diet affected my marathon training. Unfortunately, the injury and recovery time has minimized this potential research project.

So far, this diet has resulted in a loss of 10 pounds and thankfully, by about day 15, an end to the cravings for sugar, pop, cheese, or anything good-tasting. These next 8 days of the last heavy marathon training will be the true test. In my latest couple of runs, I have felt strong, but the rest and time off could have been a prime factor as well.

More to come on the final few weeks of training before the City of Oaks.

Training Recap (10/9-10/15)
# of Runs – 1
Total Miles – 17 miles
Long Run – 17 miles

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  1. Just caught up on your blog, very entertaining and I’m very proud of/for you!!!
    Looking forward to the next race!!

    And how ‘bout them Vikes!!!??

    Attitude and Effort

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