Post 22: Go on Whole30…Injure Your Knee


Week 2 is in the books, but we didn’t come out of it unscathed.

No, it had nothing technically to do with the Whole30 diet, but maybe it’s a sign…the fat gods are mad at me for eating healthier. Little do they know…I’m a little mad at me too.

So this knee injury. What’s the real story?

I’ve been walking up and down steps for almost 30 years. I don’t consider myself super proficient at much, but stair climbing? I think I got that one down 3-4 years ago.

Not on Saturday Not while carrying a big box. No…instead, I forfeited all signs of stair adeptness, missed a step, and slammed my right knee into the edge of stair number 12…while simultaneously tearing up my left pinky finger between the stair edge and the box.

After a number of expletives I am unable to share on this blog, I watched my knee swell up into a double knot and have been unable to bend it without pain since.

The injury derailed my Sunday Runday long run plan of a 20-mile training run and has caused a lot of pain moving around. I was able to ellipticize the last two days to get some cardio training in, but of course, the fat gods spited me again tonight by slamming the same knee into a stool.

Someone get me a cheeseburger and maybe I’ll have better luck.

Hopefully, I will be able to rehab the knee this week (quicker than Sam Bradford has on my beloved Vikings) and get back to training as we are less than 30 days away from the City of Oaks Marathon. I am certainly worried about missing a long run this close to race day.

But of course, the true story of the week is finishing week two of Whole30, despite the fat gods’ best efforts. It was an easier week than week one. The cravings for sweet and delicious things have subsided subtly. The feeling of “missing something” now is only attributed to missing a functional second leg. Although, I guess it’s possible that pain is taking away the focus of my stomach’s pain at times. Hmm…things to ponder in the future.

What are the best new things you’ve found to eat?
In all fairness, most people would not qualify me as the most adventurous eater. I have my own food habits…most of them bad (hence…the title of this blog).

Despite this character flaw, I have given a few new foods a chance (or another chance) during the first two weeks of this plan.

Sweet potato chips – Sweet potatoes are a big reason I am getting through this challenge and I found sweet potato chips as a snack food alternative. Sweet potatoes, sea salt, and oil are the only ingredients, unlike most processed…and delicious…snack competitors.

Chicken thighs – These guys provide the closest acceptable replacement to fried chicken. They have skin, they have meat, and they make you burn calories maneuvering your knife and fork around the bones to get every last piece of edible chicken…perfect fat guy diet food.

Asparagus – It takes a while to acquire the taste, and to learn the snap test, but this green log tastes pretty good with some olive oil and seasoning.

What are the worst new things you’ve found not to eat?

Kale Chips – Maybe it was the flavor, but these were thoroughly disgusting. They tasted like burnt crispy death.

Almond Butter – Have you seen this thing? It’s like a soupy, gritty, brown mess.

Training Recap (10/2-10/8)
# of Runs – 2
Total Miles – 11 miles
Long Run – 5.5 miles
Bike Rides – 1



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  1. Chicken things are the best, that is what Chipotle uses if you didn’t know. There are some pretty good copycat recipes out there if you want scratch that itch.

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