Post #20: Whole30…Minus Beer


If you don’t hear from me in a week or so, send someone to check on me.

Yes, this fat guy (and fat guy’s girlfriend) are embarking on the Whole30 eating…or non-eating plan. Well…minus beer that is.

Now, now, I know you have plenty of questions…and we will get to them all. In fact, I’ve even been interviewed about the challenge by…me. Let me have my ego boost for day, I’ll need it to endure these next 30 days.

Why the #*@* are you doing this?

The challenge has two major benefits. First, it should help me cut some fat and build lean muscle, both crucial for making me fitter and faster on race day. Second, it will force us to eat out less…therefore fattening my wallet instead of my stomach.

Why did you choose the Whole30 challenge?

This fat guy loves challenges. A “diet plan” for the sake of losing weight, or just being healthy, is not exciting enough to motivate me. A 30-day challenge…I’m down with that. Plus, it’s great blog material. See what I’m willing to do for my readers? You’re welcome…and I expect thank you brownies on Day 31.

What is the Whole30 plan you ask?

Besides a cunning attempt at reducing this blog’s readership by making people lose weight, the diet plan focuses on eliminating the consumption of foods that are processed, cause digestive issues, create inflammation…or are otherwise delicious, cheesy, sugary, or tasty.

After 30 days of cleansing the body, the idea is to slowly reintroduce food groups to the body to study an individual’s reaction to each ingredient. Common food groups to experiment with are gluten, soy, and dairy…or buffalo chicken nachos (maybe that one’s just me).

For more information about Whole30, check out their program web site.

What foods are off limits?

Basically, everything good in life. Whole30 cuts out all sugars, grains (including corn), legumes (those are beans for those of you wondering), dairy, processed food, and baked goods. That means no bread, cheese, ice cream, tacos, or macaroni and cheese. Do you see some potential issues for us fat guys? So does Ray Charles.

What IS allowed?

Meat, meat, and more meat. “Real food,” as the plan calls it, is perfectly acceptable. This includes, meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, natural fats, and some herbs/spice/seasonings. Thankfully, both white and sweet potatoes make the cut. Tree nuts such as cashews and almonds are acceptable as snacks….and will be the new form of treats for me.

Minus beer?

Come on…it’s football season. Give me a break here. Beer will be allowed for this challenge in very limited supply. I have negotiated to have beer allowed ONLY while watching football. Luckily…football happens to be on 4-5 nights a week this month!

Will this affect your race training?

I am interested to see what effects it may have on my performance. I will likely be taking in far less calories than normal (you know…cause all the good stuff is high in calories) which may cause a lull in energy for workouts. I plan to supplement my main meals with cashews/almonds/etc. throughout the day to get in some additional calories to keep energy stores up. Thankfully, I’ve got some energy stores that I’ve been hiding for years in safekeeping to bring out in case of emergency…or a diet.

Training Recap (9/18-9/25)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 32 miles
Long Run – 18 miles
Strength Workouts – 1

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