Post 19: Creative Running

“Running is soooo boring.”

I hear this a lot from people…normally as a reason (or excuse) they don’t want to run, or why they stopped running.

I get it.

Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right…you get the picture. It’s monotonous on a good day, and downright demoralizing on a bad day.

For me, I have developed my “canned” training routes. These include different distance loops from work, home, and a few additional locations around Raleigh that I run frequently. Creating the routes initially can be exciting…like exploring a whole new world by foot, but eventually those routes become bland.

Ever heard the old adage “variety is the spice of life?” Well, us fat guys like spices (especially some maple bacon seasoning).

So the natural question then…how do you keep it interesting? How do you stay motivated to keep moving day after day…after day?

In training that variety could come from a new route, a new pace, a new podcast/playlist, a new running partner, etc.

This week, I took up a spicy new challenge. I call it “creative running.”

Running apps, such as Strava or Nike+ Running, map your route as you run. Normally, these look like random blobs or chicken scratch (mmm…chicken). Why can’t these maps be a little more exciting?

I give you, the first two creative running masterpieces in the Fat Guys Running Marathons collection.

“Fat Guys” – 8.4 miles, downtown Raleigh, NC


“The Spiral” – 5.8 miles, downtown Raleigh


I’d love to see your creative runs! Send them to or share them on Instagram!

Training Recap (9/11-9/17)
# of Runs – 5
Total Miles – 37 miles
Long Run – 15 miles
Strength Workouts – 2

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