Post 18: Football, Fat Guys, and…Running?

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Football (and football watching food) is back!

All fat guys know what that means…wings, beer, sports (yes, fat guys love Buffalo Wild Wings too).

It also means many hours sitting at a bar, or lounging on the couch watching television and eating…and eating….and eating. Not exactly the standard training plan for marathon runners.

For me, Saturdays and Sundays feature my longest running days of the week…anywhere from 1-4 hour training runs depending on the week and how far away the next race is scheduled.

This leads to some difficult choices. Do I wake up early and run? Do I skip a game to run? Do I give in and not run today? And of course, when do I set my fantasy lineups?

This morning, for instance, I pulled myself out of bed to get in a 13-mile long run. This timing gives me dedicated podcast catch-up time to mull over critical fantasy football lineup decisions. I’ve found this setup works best in my routine…and I use the cheese fries coming during game time as a motivator to get through the run.

Although there are definitely some additional challenges during this time of year to my marathon training….how could a fat guy not be excited for football season to begin?

Fat Guys Running Marathons 5 Reasons to Love Football Season

#1 Cooler weather means less chafing and a lower likelihood of sweat stains

#2 Football games 4-5 nights a week provide constant excuses to order cheese fries and/or (but usually “and”) nachos

#3 Yet another opportunity for the Minnesota Vikings to win their first Super Bowl…and then inevitably quick disappointment to follow

#4 When you get a fat guy touchdown, followed by a fat guy touchdown dance (Check out the list of the 9 Best Fat Guy Touchdowns from 2016)

#5 Did I mention nachos and beer?

Training Recap (9/4-9/10)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 24 miles
Long Run – 13 miles
Strength Workouts – 2

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