Post 17: Cheat Da…Weekend


Sometimes, you just have to have some cheese sticks…or 8.

Running took a backseat this week to other necessities…such as a trip to Athens. No, not Athens, Greece, not Athens, Georgia, but the best small town in America…Athens, Ohio. Why is it so great? If you’re not a Bobcat, you’ll probably never understand.

The plan going into the weekend was to sneak in a 7-mile run on Saturday in between rounds of golf (regular and pub-style) and to knock off my long run on Sunday after driving home.

The reality…

Many, many drinks, pizza slices, cheesesticks, chili cheese fries, and fried chicken breasts later, I tallied a cool zero miles on Saturday and suffered through seven miles Sunday evening.

No regrets.

Got to get back on the horse this week. Being away from Athens should make this quite a bit more attainable.

Training Recap (7/31-8/6)
# of Runs – 5
Total Miles – 21.5 miles
Long Run – 7 miles
Strength Workouts – 2

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