Post 16: Rest Less Training

Training runs come at all sorts of intensity levels and durations.

I’m lucky enough to be comfortable at this point with easy-pace runs of 3-10 miles. I can relax and drift into a consistent 8:30ish-mile pace without much strain.

Ok…let’s stop right there.

As a fat guy, I know the craziness of that statement. Running 3-10 miles? Comfortable? Relaxing?

Get the hell out of here…right?

It takes a lot of 3-10 mile runs to build up that comfort, but if this fat guy can get there…any fat guy can.

But at this point…the challenge is different. To qualify for the Boston Marathon, I can’t run a comfortable pace. I can’t relax and drift into an easy trot and hit the time. Maybe if I was Kenyan things would be different.

But for an Ohio-born white guy, qualifying for Boston means running like my hair is on fire for three hours hoping not to keel over and flop on the ground before reaching the finish line. So how do you train for that?

My current training plans involve 3-4 runs each week at full intensity. These runs are either sprint repeats of 400-800 meters, tempo runs that include miles at race pace, medium runs consistently at race pace, and long runs of 10-20 miles just above race pace. These runs are draining. They call for maximum effort throughout with little rest in the sprints and no rest in the other workouts.

In the past, if I needed to take a break in a training run, I would simply walk a bit. If I was on a 6-mile run, I may stop for a few minutes at the half-way turnaround and catch my breath.

Not anymore. Not only do I need to run fast, I need to do it without stopping.

Hmm…I guess this will be harder than I thought.

Training Recap (7/24-7/30)
# of Runs – 6
Total Miles – 31
Long Run – 12 miles
Strength Workouts – 2



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