Post 15: Early Mornings


When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I’ve accomplished a first in my non-illustrious running career this week…three early morning runs.

As a general rule…fat guys like to sleep.

Think about it. All those animals that hibernate do what before they slumber? They stuff themselves silly with whatever they can find. Squirrels and chipmunks hoard nuts and berries in their cheeks, snakes go on one last mouse hunt, and bears forage on hiker’s food packs (and sometimes the hikers as well). All with the goal of storing enough fat to survive a long siesta.

I’ve gotten pretty good at both the eating and sleeping portions of that routine. Normally, this doesn’t cause too much of a problem in my training routine as my normal training runs and workouts are done in the afternoon or evening during the week and in the late mornings on the weekends.

This week, however, the Southeast experienced a heat wave with temperatures registering from 95-110 degrees in the heat index. Not exactly prime running weather during the heat of the afternoon.

Instead…I relented to giving early morning runs a try. Wow…does 6:45am come quickly.

I made it Monday-Wednesday mornings of early workouts. I figured after the first morning, I would dread the idea of these and succumb to suffering in the heat, but surprisingly, I felt fairly energized after the morning sweat.

I guess I’ll have to give this thing a longer trial. Best practices would also call for an earlier bedtime, but let’s be honest…I can’t possibly give up my late night Home Improvement reruns.

This week, a trip to Tennessee for vacation cut into the training schedule. I will be full go beginning on Monday for my first full training week following my training plan discussed in the last post.

Sometimes you just have to go fishing….


Training Recap (7/17-7/23)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 13
Long Run – 3.5 miles
Strength Workouts – 2



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