Race Week Prep: Race Day Equipment

Ever been to a major running store? You may leave thinking you need to purchase $300 worth of shoes, fancy water carriers, special socks, and expensive body glide (the stuff that prevents chafing) simply in order to run around the block.

Trying a marathon? Well…how could you even imagine running without all of those vital pieces of equipment?

My entrance into the sport of running came with a valuable characteristic…my own ignorance. I had never been to Fleet Feet or heard of Hoka shoes. I just thought the idea was to walk out the front door and go run.

Ready for the secret I ignorantly uncovered?

You don’t need any of that crap to run a marathon…not even to run an ultramarathon. I’m living proof. I crossed the 50km finish line in my first race wearing generic Wal-Mart running shoes (the kind that come on a hanger instead of in a box) and a plastic water bottle.

Sure, if you have the money and want to get geared up, go for it, but too often potential runners use not having the right equipment as an excuse to walking out the door and putting one foot in front of another. If you have two feet…you have all the equipment you need.

Through subsequent races I have developed my routine equipment list. As I train for the Boston Marathon qualifying this fall in future races, this list may change in need of generating more speed, but for this weekend’s race, I will keep to the standard routine.

Grandfather Mountain Marathon Equipment List:IMG_0544

  • Plastic Water Bottle – Minimalism at its core. I will carry this in my left hand for 95% of the race and in my right hand for the other 5%. The bottle will be refilled twice at each aid station.
  • iPhone – Podcasts and music help keep my mind off of the miles to go. More on this in a later post.
  • iPhone Arm Band – This secures my phone around my right arm. I run some training runs holding my phone in my left hand, but having that hand free helps with eating and drinking logistics.
  • Headphones – Weaves through my arm sleeve through the neck hole into my ears.
  • Under Armour Running Shoes – A gift from my wonderful girlfriend…these shoes are a definite upgrade from the Wal-Mart hanging alternatives.
  • T-Shirt/Shorts/Underwear/Socks – Cause they won’t let you run naked at most races.
  • Vaseline – This is one area I won’t skimp…chafing sucks!

That’s it!

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