Training Time (5/29-6/4)

In this section each week, I will provide updates on my training for the Boston Marathon qualifying race. If you are looking for tips on heart-rate zones or the physiology of running, you may want to look elsewhere. If you want some content on chafing prevention and pre-race Pop Tarts, you’ve found your place!

A lot of ups and downs this week…literally.

I am just over a month out from the Grandfather Mountain Marathon…dubbed “One of America’s Toughest Marathons.”

In preparation, I spent two days in the hills this week; a 10-mile run on Thursday and the long 19-mile trek on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised with how my legs felt afterward…just a dull pounding sensation compared to the fiery needles from a few weeks ago.

A challenge of training for a mountain race in Raleigh, North Carolina is…well…we don’t have any mountains. The relative flatness of the Triangle area can be deceiving to runners (or fat guys like me who may happen to run) as the smaller undulations become taller and steeper in your mind than reality.

Reality slaps you in the face pretty hard when you start the climb of a real mountain. I’m hoping to dodge the blows.

Food for Fuel
Most runners think of fueling as what you eat before or during a run to perform at your best. Fat guys think of fueling as what we eat after the run that motivates us to get our ass to the finish line.

This week, that was a new burger creating. Behold…the “Friends of a Feather Burger.” A double turkey burger topped with buffalo chicken dip. Yes…it is as good as it looks.


Trail Sightings
North Carolina is full of furry and scaly friends on the trails. This week, the biggest on-trail sightings were a pair of small tortoises on the paths of Umstead State Park. They crawled right into the middle of the path…an obvious practical joke from Mother Nature.

Off the trail, however, I had the chance to attend a wedding in the North Carolina farmlands and came across a few of these feathered friends.


Training Recap (5/29-6/4)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 45.5
Long Run – 19 miles
Strength Workouts – 3

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