Post 10: Staying Hungry

Always stay hungry.

Should be pretty easy to do for a fat guy right? (as I currently sit on my couch waiting on a Donatos pizza before Game 1 of the NBA Finals)

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Running is a sport of goal-setting. But what happens once you’ve reached that first goal? You’ve run that 5K, half-marathon, or marathon….now what? Where’s the motivation to keep running or keep being active?

Food is easy. I wake up each morning physically hungry. It’s an automatic desire to consume calories, preferable in the form of cheeseburgers or macaroni and cheese.

Running is much harder. I have to find a reason to be motivated to lace up the shoes and step out the door. I need a reason. A goal. A craving.

Let’s talk about a few of those reasons…

Fat Guys Running Marathons 5 Tips for Staying Hungry:

#1 Farther, Faster
There is something intrinsically¬†motivating about testing your personal limits. How fast can you run that route? How far can you push your body to go? It’s almost as enthralling as figuring out how many meatballs can you really stuff in your mouth at once? (my personal record is 13)

#2 The Next Race
Signing up for that second, third, or tenth race may just be the new kick in the ass you need. Why just stop at one? You did all this training to run a (fill-in-the-blank) race, why waste all that conditioning once it’s over? Use that new-found fitness to take on another challenge…there’s always room for some dessert (or three).

#3 Run More, Eat More
If you’re like me…you like to eat. The problem? Eating more can lead to getting even fatter. Running helps work off those unstoppable indulgences. Want some cookies? Run three miles. Want some buffalo wings? Run six miles. Want some black beans and kale? Read a different blog.

#4 Find Some Fat Running Friends
For some people, running is a social activity. Having a workout partner increases accountability and you only have to bring the post-run snacks every other workout. Find a friend that runs around your pace and join forces.

#5 Fun
I know this is crazy, but some people sincerely enjoy running…I don’t get it either. I do, however, find enjoyment in finishing the challenge of a tough workout. The fun is in knowing I made myself better that day. And more fun is cracking open a beer about 30 seconds later.



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