Training Time 5/8-5/14

In this section each week, I will provide updates on my training for the Boston Marathon qualifying race. If you are looking for tips on heart-rate zones or the physiology of running, you may want to look elsewhere. If you want some content on chafing prevention and pre-race Pop Tarts, you’ve found your place!

Pacing. It’s both the secret and barrier to success as a runner.

“Pace yourself” is usually one of the first pieces of advice people will give to a person training for their first long race. When time doesn’t matter…that may be great wisdom, but when you have a deadline to hit…the advice should be more like “hurry your ass up.”

I’m trying, but if you read the last post, you understand that my larger body takes longer to hurry up than most.

To reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, my pace needs to pick up significantly from past races. Try almost two minutes-per-mile faster to reach a 7:05-mile rate.

Oh…and that’s without taking hills into consideration. The City of Oaks Marathon, for example, has a vicious set of two uphill climbs placed perfectly at mile 23 by the race directors aiming to watch fat guys give up and roll backwards back down to the bottom.

To be in contention, a sub-seven minute pace will be my goal. Currently, I can withstand that pace for about two miles…just another 24 to go.

This week, I ran a series of tempo workouts in my mid-week runs including half-mile sprints and 2-3 mile extended fast pace runs. More than anything else…it showed me how much work I have left to do.

I guess I won’t be “pacing myself” any time soon.

Training Recap (5/8-5/14)
# of Runs – 5
Total Miles – 38.25
Long Run – 16 miles
Strength Workouts – 2
Slightly Better Rounds of Golf Played – 1

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