Training Time (4/24-4/30)

In this section each week, I will provide updates on my training for the Boston Marathon qualifying race. If you are looking for tips on heart-rate zones or the physiology of running, you may want to look elsewhere. If you want some content on chafing prevention and pre-race Pop Tarts, you’ve found your place!

A quick editorial note…

Beginning this week, I will be transitioning to a new posting schedule. I know…you are hanging on every word. From here out, Training Time will be posted on Sunday/Monday and the even less serious portion of the blog, along with the Attitude & Effort Award will be posted on Wednesday/Thursday. You can set your calendars and watches to the new schedule….unless I get hungry, then it may be a day late.

This week came the toughest training week of the year, for a number of different reasons.

Reason #1…. Rain, rain, and more rain

Reason #2…caffeine withdrawal

Reason #3…it’s so damn hot

Early this week, Raleigh experienced the worst rainfall since Hurricane Matthew. The creeks and rivers flooded including washing out the local greenway. Nonstop rain for 48+ hours made running difficult toward the beginning of the week and a flooded and muddy greenway made portions of the path impassable as late as Saturday afternoon. Some things are just completely outside your control.

Something totally within my control, what I choose to put in my body, caused reason #2. Don’t worry…it’s not food-related. I’m still plenty fat. I have, however, made some alterations to the liquids I wash it all down with. After a lifetime of habitual…no, more like addictive servings of pop (or soda to some you unenlightened individuals), I gave it up cold turkey style. I had made the move to diet soda about a year ago, but decided to cut the cord completely in an effort to cut some weight and improve my aerodynamics.

So far, there have only been minor tremors and sweats. I’ve also proven scientifically that there is an inverse relationship between pop and beer. The less pop I drink, the more beer I consume. Science.

The jury is out on whether the beverage change makes any difference in my training results, but screw the medals, put a six-pack of Coca-Cola at the finish line (with a brat) and I’ll set all sorts of personal records.

Finally, this damn heat. North Carolina is in a rather moderate climate. Of course, moderate just means the average temperature for the year is moderate. This weekend, instead, was closer to the temperature of the surface of the sun than “moderate”.

Saturday’s long run called for a 2017-high 14 miles. If you read last week’s post, you know I’m committed to running slightly less than I’m committed to sleeping in on the weekend. This Saturday was no exception…which meant 91-degree heat during the longest run of the year thus far. I’ve learned the best part of heat training is when you finally get to run in the cooler air later in trainings. The worst part of heat training…is the rest of the time.

But I got through it. Pacing certainly took a hit throughout the run and were it not for finding a new water fountain along the way, dehydration may have been a serious concern in the second half of the run. It was hard. But so is anything great in life. Just have to keep running. Oh…and then jump in the pool afterward.

Training Recap (4/24-4/30)
# of Runs – 4
Total Miles – 35.25
Strength Workouts – 3

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